Croatia an impoverished economic transformed in and political colony of Brussels with former communist, as well as current leaders elites prospering?

2013 was the year of achieving the big goal, the year of hope, but also the year of disappointment. During the past year we realised one of the biggest generational goals. Croatia has become the 28th EU member state. We still remember the pride and satisfaction we felt on July 1st. We enjoyed when others from the big union of the European peoples and states comprehended that we are a democratic, progressing and a European nation in all aspects. It was good to hear praises and congratulations not only by representatives of the EU nations, but also by neighbours of ours who are still not in the Union, but are on their way to become.

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Le schisme économique américano-européen

... l'euro pourrait profiter de plusieurs facteurs non encore prévus par le marché comme: la révision des prévisions de croissance pour l'Euroland, un maintien solide des flux de capitaux entrants, une amélioration du surplus du compte courant ou encore une hausse de la proportion d'euros détenus par les banques centrales au sein de leurs réserves.

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British diplomats in Brussels flaunting Duke of Wellington’s triumph at Battle of Waterloo as David Cameron seeks to wrest back powers from the European Union

It was an audacious and cunning victory that put paid to French ambitions for a European superstate. Nearly two centuries later, British diplomats in Brussels are flaunting the Duke of Wellington’s triumph at the Battle of Waterloo, as David Cameron seeks to wrest back powers from the European Union. The offices of the UK Representation to the EU are exhibiting a series of works celebrating the life of the Iron Duke in the run-up to the 200th anniversary of the battle in June next year.

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