The day after BREXIT (short PR)

Marianne Ranke-Cormier - 24/06/2016

The day after BREXIT (short PR)
Now it's done, it's true, and no way to go back: Der Brexit ist real writes Berliner Zeitung (24/06/2016)

Bye bye Britsih MEPs and members of the EcoFi committee, bye bye UK European Commissioner and technocrats, bye bye Mr Hill, finally it will be possible for us to look and go forward with all trans-European and Euroland social, economical and political issues left abandoned for decades because you were blocking them. A good day for Euroland.
Now give people a grip on EU politics, on Euroland decision process, democracy this is what we need on trans-euro level.
Now let us see what will be the negociations you will ask for... because of course there will be. They are leaving the EU, not Europe...

Ulster... et maintenant vers un rapprochement avec l'Irlande?
Le symbole de la « border » inter-irlandaise - L'autre question décisive est celle de la frontière. La frontière entre l'Irlande du Nord et la république d'Irlande est aujourd'hui quasiment inexistante depuis janvier 1993.
Source: La Tribune, 24/06/2016

Sinn Fein Seeks Irish Reunification Vote as U.K. Opts For Brexit
Source: Bloomberg, 24/06/2016

Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has called for a border poll on a united Ireland, after the UK has voted to leave the EU.
Source: The Independent , 24/06/2016

Scotland: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon under pressure to call second independence referendum
Source: Press and Journal, 24/06/2016

Une rupture entre générations - Un clivage géographique
Le scrutin fait d'abord apparaître un vrai choc des générations.
Source: L'Express, 24/06/2016

David Cameron resigns after UK votes to leave European Union
PM announces resignation following victory for leave supporters after divisive referendum campaign
Source: The Guardian, 24/06/2016

London markets set to crash as U.K. votes for Brexit
British stocks are heading for the biggest crash in decades after the country voted to leave the European Union.
Source: CNN, 24/06/2016

"The value of sterling slumped to a 31-year low on currency markets, and was on course for its biggest one-day loss in history..."
Source: The Guardian, 24/06/2016

Brexit Jolts EU’s Eastern Members as Polish Zloty Leads Declines
Eastern countries, the Brexit is not so easy for them, losing money from British contributor and open work market inside EU...
"Central and eastern Europe has by far the most to lose in all this, given they are the clear net beneficiaries of EU membership, while the rest of EM has to start thinking about the secondary effects on global growth."
Source: Bloomberg, 24/06/2017

Poland could be sidelined within the bloc, which would be dominated by eurozone countries.
Source: EUobserver, 23/06/2016

World reaction as UK votes to leave EU:
Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament: "We respect the result. We have clarity for the UK to go its own way. Now is the time for us to behave seriously and responsibly. David Cameron has his responsibilities for his country, we have our responsibilities for the future of the EU. You can see what is happening to sterling on the markets. I don't want the same thing to happen to the euro. "
Source: BBC, 24/06/2016

Carsten Brzeski, the chief economist for ING-Diba bank tweeted a picture of the Frankfurt skyline early in the morning with the caption: "New financial heart of Europe?"
Source: Deutsche Welle, 24/06/2016

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