EU parliament wary of pan-European lists

Marianne Ranke-Cormier - 12/09/2017

EUobserver, 12/09/2017
Let's be clear : the only thing needed to have pan-European MEPS is pan-European lists! If there's enough of those, people will vote for them and national MEPS will be wiped out of Parliament in a matter of 10 years. So it is in the interest of national MEPs that there is officially one set of European representatives and one set of national representatives... The 1head2votes campaign (Giorgio Clarotti) sends in the direction of a two-chambers European parliament where both the citizens' national AND European interests are properly represented. It is the only way for current national MEPs to save their asses... Otherwise, it will be what Varoufakis advocates : a European Parliament 100% made of pan-European representatives.