How news is travelling... "Blacks are in charge of Garmisch"

- 19/10/2016

SPD mayor of Garmisch in Bavaria writes a letter, because the situation with black refugees is getting too much:
The vice-police chef is quoted "Die Schwarzen haben das Sagen" meaning black are in charge: inside the home for refugees!
Massive Probleme mit Flüchtlingen: Bürgermeisterin schreibt Brandbrief, Merkur 18/10/2016
RT finds this and makes this article "Blacks are in charge of the town ", RT 17/10/2016

Then Zero-Hedge finds it:
German City Mayor Warns Government Of "Massive Crime Problems...Blacks Are In Charge Of The Town", Zero-Hedge, 19/10/2016

So now Russians and Americans know, that blacks are in charge of Garmisch...
The situation is really bad, no doubt. One of the reasons, interesting enough, is that up to short time ago, Garmisch hosted a big American military base, so they do have already the related problems like prostitution. And the refugee home is an ex-army-hotel ...