Berlin, July 5th, 2014: First trans-European meeting of small and medium sized political parties

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Marianne Ranke-Cormier - 16/06/2014

Berlin, July 5th, 2014: First trans-European meeting of small and medium sized political parties

The results of the European elections last May were once again the image of the political crisis and the democratic bankruptcy of the EU since Maastricht. European citizens directly affected by the financial and economic crisis, have become aware of the reality of the political crisis of the EU and of the illegitimacy of the elections. Their votes reflected their will to finish with the scheme: major national parties (who cannot even within European groups in the EP think outside their national straitjackets)/anti-European parties feeding themselves with the deconstruction of Europe.

However, if there is one lesson to be drawn from these elections it is that over 25% of voters chose European small and medium sized, progressive, not anti-European and democratic political parties. These parties have worked on real programs and campaigned closest to the citizens, but are ultimately very poorly represented in the EP because of 28 non-European, anti-democratic election processes. In addition, for those who are represented they are melt downs in European parliamentarianism 'comitology'. Aware of this break, we want to offer a real trans-European alternative.

We have five years left to build such an innovative answer. However, some fundamental questions that involve not only the future of European citizens, but also the independence, peace and democracy in Europe, require these answers today. It is around these issues that were raised in the frame of our inquiry on "six burning questions" we propose to work during this first meeting. This meeting is organized around five themes: independence (TTIP), peace (Ukranian crisis), sovereignty (NATO EEAS), democracy (elections) and Euroland. You are invited to contribute your ideas, sharing your positions and bringing your proposals to debate.


This meeting will be held in French, German and English, with simultaneous translation provided by professional translators and support of CAISSON for headphones. Your interventions may also be made via videoconference with the animation provided by FEFAP foundation. The meeting will be preceded in the morning by a Newropeans meeting, open to all, from 9.00 to 12.00, and it will end in a public debate at 19.00, for which we would be happy to count you among our speakers. At 22:00 people can join the party in the hotel and follow the world cup!




9.00 Agora: Newropeans meeting open to all: presentation of activities and 2014/2015 agenda

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Debates for new trans-European initatives:

Introduction, the political crisis in Europe, the concept of SMP - Marianne Ranke-Cormier (Newropeans-Magazine) & Christel Hahn (AAFB)

14.00 TTIP, and the question of the independence of Europe - Introduction: José Maria Compagni - Moralès, FEFAP

14.45 Ukranian crisis, the question of peace in Europe - Introduction: Marie-Hélène Caillol, LEAP2020

15.30 NATO, EEAS, and the question of the sovereignty of Europe - Introduction: Bruno Paul (Démocratie Agile, Conscience Sociale)

16.15 Towards a real European democracy, trans-European electoral procedures, Introduction: Christel Hahn, Newropeans

17.00 Euroland, why, how? Introduction: Harald Greib, LEAP2020

17.45 Conclusions

18.00 German Diner

19.00 Public debate: 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the great European political reconfiguration

22.00 Join the party in the hotel and follow the world cup!

Date: Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Rennbahnstraße 87-88, 13086 Berlin

Contact: Victoire Baeyaert
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