6 burning issues for historical European elections

Citizens storming Europe for a Real Debate about Europe's Future!

Newropeans-Magazine - 13/05/2014

Newropeans-Magazine with the support of Newropeans(1), Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri, LEAP, IRPA and FEFAP, is testing the political parties in Europe on six burning issues in order to bring up the real questions concerning Europe's future in the European elections campaign: TTIP, Ukraine, NATO, EEAS, democratisation, Euroland.

Today's EU decision-making system is not democratic, and we are now seeing where non-democratic systems can send a continent: to loss of independence, destabilization of foreign relations and war. With the crisis that has been hitting Europe since 2009, the EU is on the verge of collapse, left with the choice of being put under control of either foreign powers or extremist forces.
It is high time the Europeans seize the European ship for themselves, for the sake of the continent's return to peace, prosperity, independence and positive global influence.

The upcoming European elections provide an opportunity for us, citizens, and for you, campaigning political parties, to put Europe back on the right track. These are not just any elections. Europe is at a historic crossroads, and thus we have a historic responsibility. Under the current circumstances, the "not anti-Europe” and the “pro-democracy" political parties running for the election cannot just "purr" their usual topics: they must be clear on their positions regarding a certain number of burning issues, engage themselves to turn these positions into political fights, and find the means to increase their capacity of influence once elected. Thanks to clear political engagements on key issues, this coming election and the parties running for it can help European citizens to take control of the European ship at last!
In order to bring up the real questions concerning Europe's future in this campaign, Newropeans-Magazine with the support of Newropeans, Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri, LEAP, IRPA and FEFAP, has collected the most urgent topics for the necessary debate and formulated to each topic questions to the parties which campaign for these elections. Newropeans-Magazine will publish all answers as a tool for the European citizens, and invites all forces who share these concerns to fight together for this emergency program.

This project is dedicated to the memory of our founder Franck Biancheri, who has worked for thirty years to give a voice to the European citizens. He has invented the Democracy Marathon and participated in hundreds of conferences to raise the real questions for Europe's future. Newropeans-Magazine, the first trans-European political online magazine, has played a vital role in this and is using this work to initiate the “Real Debate about Europe's Future “to save the future of the Europeans.

Here are the six questions we have asked in 15 languages ​​to all pro-democratic political parties in Euroland + Poland, running for the European elections:
1. Will you take part in a European coalition against the TTIP if called?
2. Will you support a Convention of the Eurozone Heads of State for European Peace and Independence?
3. Will you support the removal of all non-European armed forces from the European territory, and especially the removal of the US nuclear weapons?
4. Will you support the call to disable the EEAS or put it under political control?
5. Will you support Newropeans' proposal saying that any major change of community treaties, especially any further enlargement, can only be done through a trans-European referendum ?
6. Will you support Newropeans’ proposal to build up a democratic Euroland? 

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Victoire Baeyaert, coordinatrice du projet 
Gabriele Savoca, communication 

(1) Newropeans, the first trans-European citizen political party, in association with AAFB , LEAP/E2020, FEFAP and IRPA, and Newropeans-Magazine, is launching a trans-European scale operation in order to call all the political parties and movements running for this month`s European elections to make a clear commitment on six key issues for the future of the European Union, the Euro and the Europeans: TTIP, Ukraine, NATO, the democratization process ...