[Press Release] Berlin, July 5th, 2014 - First meeting of small and medium sized European political parties, a powerhouse of political innovation in Europe

Newropeans - 23/07/2014

At the dawn of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

In Berlin, on July 5th, the "Small and Medium Sized European Political Parties" gathered for the first time under the auspices of Newropeans in order to have a face to face discussion on six burning issues for independence, democratization and peace in Europe. 
The highly consensual nature of the debates in this event provided an opportunity to view a demonstration of the maturity of European political thought which is possible when one frees oneself from the "national parties in power - populist parties" alternative to enter the realm of real responsible, courageous, innovative and confident politics.
The small and medium sized parties have expressed their wish to gather on the basis of a trans-European platform in order to launch joint actions of collective European interest. 
The results of the European elections last May once more revealed the political crisis and the democratic bankruptcy of the EU since Maastricht. European citizens directly affected by the financial and economic crisis have become aware of the reality of the political crisis of the EU and of the illegitimacy of the elections. Their votes reflected their will to finish with the pattern major national parties (who, even within their European families at the EP, are incapable of thinking outside their national straitjackets) and anti-European parties (who feed themselves on the deconstruction of Europe).

SMPs, the voice of 25% of European voters, meaning ... millions of citizens
If there is one lesson to be drawn from these elections, it is that over 25% of voters chose European small and medium sized parties, which are progressive, not anti-European and democratic political parties. These European small and medium sized parties represent more than the extremist or populist parties in the EP, but unfortunately are very poorly represented in the parliament because of thresholds that blocked them (differing from state to state, by the way).

SMPs address the real political issues of the survival of Europe in the world today
Following its survey (the "six burning issues" questionnaire) conducted among 900 political parties in the Euro zone, not anti-European, but progressive, and running for the European elections, Newropeans witnessed the dynamic role played by small and medium sized parties in the pre-election political debate.

TTIP, Ukrainian crisis, democratization of decision-making in the Euro-zone: a trans-European debate that will not stop after the elections
This debate on the "burning issues" identified by Newropeans, such as TTIP, the Ukrainian crisis, or the democratization of decision-making processes of the Euro-zone, will not stop after the election. It will inevitably continue amidst the civil society, but just as it was initiated by those who do not belong to the Brussels system, it will be mainly driven by those outside of the European Parliament, mostly a power inhibitor, because they do not fear political retaliation.

Newropeans supports the formation of a trans-European platform of SMPs;
A platform with a mission to,
- support small and medium-sized parties to unite around their quest for "trans-Europeanness" of the political debate they conduct within the civil society from which they come,  
- ensure the effectiveness of this debate and foster trans-European understanding of political issues - allow those who were elected to stay connected with the real political issues affecting European citizens today.

This platform already offers several concrete actions to back:
- prevent the adoption by the European Parliament of any free trade agreement negotiated in secret. Free trade agreements with the US, Canada or China are a subject of anxiety, and it is out of the question to see the people facing an established fact, mostly a European enlargement without any other form of democratic process;
- call trans-Euroland elections for the creation of a parliament of the Euro-zone on the basis of a single electoral law
- calling for the establishment of a European defense and the creation of the means to achieve results ...

Launched in 2005, Newropeans is the heir of the first trans-European political movement founded by Franck Biancheri (1961-2012), IDE - created over 25 years. Today it is still the one and only true trans-European political party (having run for European elections with a truly trans-European structure without a national level, with a single program and trans-European lists).

At the dawn of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall we want to contribute to the great European political reconfiguration by initiating this platform of small and medium sized parties, a powerhouse of political innovation in Europe, and strive to show that 25% of voters not represented in the EP can still see their interests represented and effectively defended.


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