Ukraine: Statement of Newropeans to the attention of Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande (19.02.2014)

Newropeans Flash (19.02.2014) - 05/09/2014

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Ukraine: Statement of Newropeans to the attention of Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande (19.02.2014)
Newropeans welcomes the Franco-German couple deciding to take control of the Ukrainian case, trying to find an exit to the violent crisis in that country. A crisis in which the EU has a very large share of responsibility, having particular dangled promises she knows she can not keep, because the EU, the European Commission or its high Representative for International Affairs, does not have the final decision power on this issue. 

Newropeans however, calls the two heads of state, who will be leaders in defining the new strategy of Europe, including Euroland's policy of neighbourhood, to measure the impact of their statements against the Ukrainian Government and civil society, and Russia. Violence must be condemned, but that must be done on both sides, the government has failed to contain the excesses of its security forces and the opposition is made of real paramilitary militia fighting with no mercy against the current power.

Newropeans calls to set up a national Ukrainian conference, under the auspices of the Franco-German couple and Russia, with all the components of the Ukrainian civil society to ask the players to lay down their arms, frame a democratic electoral process and obtain the commitment that the parties will respect the choice of the citizens to decide upon the future of Ukraine.

In any case the Franco-German proposal should in no way suggest that an enlargement process could be considered. This is the responsibility and the willingness of European and Ukrainian people, not of a handful of agitators and technocrats without a democratic mandate.

European values ​​are those that govern the union of peoples, this makes the strength of the Europeans, and not to cause a division of the people and the country. In todays' world the Ukraine has a place and a central role to play between two great powers who peacefully share the same continent. We should avoid to force them to make a choice.

Marianne Ranke-Cormier
President, Newropeans, (19.02.2014)

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