Traitors to democracy: Harms, Bütikofer, Cohn-Bendit (die Grünen)

Newropeans Flash - 10/02/2014

This weekend the election of Rebecca Harms as head of the German green list for the EP, in spite of the fact, that she lost the "green primaries" against Ska Keller, shows that any attempt to have a European Democracy in the framework of the current EU are being blocked by the national and European party establishments. Nearly 23 000 Europeans voted for Ska Keller and José Bové, but Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Reinhard Bütikofer wanted their deputy Rebecca Harms to be their successor.
. A betrayal to democracy: Harms, Bütikofer, Cohn Bendit, stood for this national electoral farce when they had no longer legitimacy for that.
. A bertayal to European Green activists who believed to participate in the first real trans-European democratisation process of European elections, and had already choosen those who should lead the EGP (European Greens Party) campaign fo EP2014, Ska Keller and José Bové. Harms, Bütikofer, Cohn Bendit and other green "chiefs" killed any try of trans-Europeanisation and democratisation of European elections process for these EP2014.

-> There will be no European common democracy till trans-European political parties can emancipate themselves from national parties who can no longer assume the democratic accountability of the European elections (see Franck Biancheri archives: The Emergence of a European Political Single Market)
-> There will be no European common democracy till half of the seats of the parliament are elected through trans-european lists as has been suggested by Newropeans (see Newropeans 16 proposals , point 7: Ensure that the European Parliament is 50% composed of representatives of national (or regional lists), and 50% from trans-European lists; Offer each citizen two votes in the European elections).

-> Newropeans flash comment 29/01/14: Franziska (Ska) Keller and José Bové : finally a "team" at the head of a European list for the next EParliament elections .
-> Spiegel 06/02/2104: Cohn-Bendit zu Grünen-Kampfkandidatur: "Ich wünsche mir, dass Rebecca Harms gewinnt"
-> Spiegel 08/02/14: Grünen-Parteitag in Dresden: Harms gewinnt Kampfabstimmung zu Europa-Kandidatur
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