Those who have interest to save Europe from the collapse understand now that its political heart is Euroland

Newropeans Flash - 04/02/2014

These days various European politicians, eg Schaeuble, Moscovici, Sikorski, ..., have clearly taken position for Euroland running independently from Britain and the European Commission: Sikorski, foreign minister for Poland, talking about the "real" Europe; the MEPs involved in the investigation on the Troïka call for a single institution in the future to tackle the crisis that could be the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), thus a proper Euroland structure, democratically controlled and independent from the European Commission; the Franco-German couple even suggests an independent Euroland Parliament! For Newropeans, whose analyzes are based on the work of its founder Franck Biancheri, the inventor of the concept of Euroland, these steps are going in the direction already defined as its main objective for 2014 in its struggle for democratization of Euroland. Nevertheless they still remain vain in terms of democracy if they don't give voice and choice to citizens of Euroland. @newropeans_eu #newrop