The state of public health: a cry of alarm

Christel Hahn - 08/04/2015

By Christel Hahn, Newropeans Club Nucleus member: Physicist specialized in biophysics

The state of public health: a cry of alarm

Europe and especially Germany has just witnessed one of the worst catastrophes of aviation, the crash of the Germanwings plane in the french Alps. The picture that is emerging is that the co-pilot of the plane was suffering from a psychiatric disorder and that he might have taken psychiatric drugs1.

While a lot is now being debated about necessary precautions to be taken by airlines, I want to point to a few issues concerning the situation of all of us.

The first issue I want to raise, is that most of us live in a way, where we tend to close our hearts in order to be able to function. This is true for normal people and those in leading functions, for husbands and for wives, parents and children, pilots and passengers, doctors and patients, … but to acknowledge this one needs to feel and not think ...

The next issue I want to raise is the state of our health, meaning the state of public health in our societies. On this issues I will quote findings by the physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. I have gone deeper into his work, because his understanding and methods are the most comprehensive I know of and because he is aware and uses the latest medical and psychological research results2. The issues he raises concerning public health are:

The most important: The general level of health is not improving but in a state of degradation. We all know from immediate experience, reports and statistics, that we are seeing in the western developed countries more severe illnesses: cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, MS, Parkinson, to name a few, although according to official claims we are supposed to live longer and longer3. Klinghardt says, that since a few years each generations is sicker than previous generations and life-expectancy is going down and that public health care officials in the US and in Europe know these figures. And what is especially alarming is the rapid increase in neurological disorders.

The situation is so severe, that our societies risk their survival. He goes so far as to put it this way: “Why the U.S. Needs Pre-Conception Healthcare ”. And here is a very touching (though 11 year old) article titled “Advice for parents-to-be, pregnant women and their partners – and those who take care of them”, that summarizes also a lot of his work.

His research and medical practice has shown the following main reasons for all this:

  • Chronic infections. I myself have stumbled upon his work in my search for an understanding of the Lyme Disease (Borreliose). I live in the south west of Germany, where Lyme Disease is endemic, but less is known about the associated opportunistic and co-infections. Klinghardt to my knowledge is the best expert on these infections: Why is Lyme Disease Not JUST a Tick-Borne Disease Any More?

  • The contamination of our environment and thus also our bodies by heavy metals (mercury and recently more and more dangerous: aluminum, ..), pesticides and herbicides, and other poisons is actually easy to understand for anybody. Still normal school medicine is dangerously neglecting these areas, whereas Klinghardt and other proponents of alternative medicine see this as a central area of their work: Heavy Metals and Chronic Diseases.

  • Another level of contamination is the issue of electro-smog. The rate in which public health deteriorates can easily be matched to the intensification of microwave radiation all over the planet in recent years. But whereas the role of infections and toxicity cannot be denied, the danger to health of electromagnetic radiation is denied (“all is safe, no negative effects are proven, all is within proven limits, ...”). The truth is, that there are numerous scientific publications, that give a different picture. Every video on that matter I watch by Klinghardt, I see him showing a whole series of peer-reviewed scientific papers from good scientific magazines: Smart Meters, Cell Phone Towers, & EMR The Health Crisis Of Our Time .

  • Klinghardt quotes several studies (the first ones from Isareal), that show, that the effects of traumas are passed on to the following generations. Europe has seen in the last century two world wars which have traumatized the general population in the whole of Europe. I have since years profound experiences with systemic constellation work, which looks at the effects of traumas to a family system. Klinghardt has integrated this approach, which was created a few decades ago by the German Bert Hellinger4, into his medical work. In a series of short videos here on his websites, he explains this by a model of “Five levels of healing ”.

When you read and watch all this material, you get a fairly good overview of the current state of public health. Its very alarming. And it should motivate us to ring all available alarm bells and to demand immediate measure to some of the most alarming problems.

What strikes me in regards to the Germanwings catastrophe, is that it would be extremely beneficial, if our neurological and psychiatric doctors would learn about the findings of Klinghardt and similar physicians. Do they know, that he cures autistic children? Do they know, that he finds Borrelia in the autopsies of brains of psychiatric patients? I see an alarming discrepancy between what normal neurological and psychiatric doctors and what advanced and holistically working doctors know about the causes and treatment of these diseases. Currently the newspapers are full of articles, in which you can read phrases like: “Cannot be cured, but can be brought under control through psychiatric drugs and psychotherapy”. Entire new worlds open, if you watch a few of the video available on Youtube, where Klinghardt demonstrates his work.

And one more point: he trains medical practitioners in the US and in Europe and they only get a certificate from him, if they themselves have worked upon themselves intensely, meaning having cleaned their bodies and minds. To generalize this upon the whole medical profession would be of immense help.

But the picture also has a deeper dimension. If you assimilate the material, you see, that science and technology are evolving, our lives are rapidly changing, our environment is changing and so do the microbes in our bodies. Its kind of an evolutionary race. Are we waking up and investigating the interconnectedness of the environment of which we are part of and finding save ways to evolve? All this is man-made and not fate and the solution is not to go back to the middle ages (which is impossible anyhow), I am convinced science is and will be able to develop save and helpful technologies and there are many small companies and freelance researcher, who already have made a big progress in the understanding of the underlying mechanisms. What is needed here is, that science in this rapidly changing world finds its place to free itself from the dominance of money and interest groups and serve the evolutionary progress.