The Nato Summit in Wales on 4/5 September 2014. What is the German position?

Willy Wimmer - 20/08/2014

Early September will be held next NATO Summit with 60 leaders including Poroshenko from Ukraine. Albrecht Müller from NachDenkSeite writes: "This is a signal for a shift away from the United Nations and in favor of the militarization of politics. The invitation of Ukrainian President is the opposite of a confidence-building relation with Russia." NachDenkSeite published a paper by former German MP and Parliamentary Under Secretary of Defense Willy Wimmer (CDU): "NATO-Gipfel in Wales am 4./5. September 2014. Wo ist die deutsche Position?". We publish today an English version of it, translated by Christel Hahn, from Newropeans.

This summit is remarkable, not only because, for the hosting, British government domestic questions can be very clearly recognized, but also it will be before the independence vote in Scotland and probably soon also in Wales.

Wales, the Cameron government says, will be elevated to the world stage.
Of course this is only possible if the government in London is relevant for Wales and is intended as a warning to the Scots for the vote on September 18, 2014. NATO has become the incarnation of intervention into the internal affairs of member states? This is not surprising for the UK.
German diplomats have become painfully aware for decades that in any conflict after the end of the Cold War, how often has London made any negotiations on crises and wars depending on which effect the respective position would have on the cohesion of the island kingdom.

We should listen attentively when it comes to the number of state representatives who will gather in Wales. There will not only be the representatives of the member states of NATO. No, there are 60 heads of state and government from around the world who will spend some money for an invitation to Wales. They think, according to the Olympic motto, that taking part is what matters. Yet, one should not only be astonished about the total number. With this a perspective for NATO becomes visible, which has been most prominent once issued by the infamous Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. First, the United States has forced the United Nations to accept NATO as military service for their security measures. The American goal that has been pursued with this has gone and continues to go in a completely different direction. The United Nations should be marginalized to such an extent that, as soon as possible, the US-dominated NATO can put itself in the global position of the United Nations.

The amazed continent will pay particular attention to one guest. It is the Ukrainian President Poroshenko, who has been elected at least in a large part of his country by a majority of more than 50 percent of those who went to the elections under the given circumstances. This does not mean much in Ukraine, because the ousted President Yanukovych has been elected in accordance with international standards through free elections, also. Yet, don't we know, however, what the purpose of the warning, repeated by the German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, like a prayer wheel toward the Russian President Putin, not to interfere in the Eastern Ukraine is? NATO, by inviting their pals from Kiev, make it more than clear how much they determine the internal affairs of Ukraine. They, more than anybody else, are party in the civil war, not in the least by American private armies that have been ordered by the American government to "cleanse" the Eastern Ukraine of Russian-speaking people. Part of this complicity behavior is first of all the persistent suppressing of any clearing up of the terrible tragedy of flight MH17 with almost 300 dead passengers and crew members, of the massacre in the Maidan Square in Kiev and of the fire victims in the union hall of Odessa. Of the once vaunted "Western community of values” nothing is left.

Of course, the presence of President Poroshenko in Wales is a signal.
In addition, part of this is a view of his entourage. Will we, for the first time at a NATO summit, welcome NAZI military persons as representatives of the unit "Azov" of the Ukrainian National Guard? Is this also a signal for Europe? Does one want to remember with these people in Wales why the Second World War broke out 75 years ago? It is remarkable already who is silent in Kiev to the fascists, although one would expect an outcry. Does one prepare for Marie Le Pen by making this pack presentable? Or does the American led power of NATO only want to make clear that they will do it in Europe with anyone they can get into position against Russia?

Now any German should expect that the German Chancellor will let the German public know through a policy statement in the Bundestag before such a weighty NATO summit, how Germany (not she personally) sees the future of NATO? Or does she want to whitewash the fact that the German foreign policy in this context is shapeless, by rather saying nothing. Then later one can of course point out what influence one could have had as a supposedly "most powerful woman in the world" on American goals.
Yet for Germany everything is at stake in this NATO summit. The envisaged transatlantic free trade agreement only requires the "takeover", i.e. political control of Ukraine by the United States, to make out of countries such as France, Benelux?, Austria, Italy and Germany colonial territories under extensive US-control. One can see not only the large scale, but also the intention of the USA to have on German territory passenger screening by American government personnel. We should be permanently separated from our natural partners, i.e. neighbors, in the house of Europe, of course with the help of the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine. One should not talk of Bulgaria and Romania, because a visit of U.S. senators in these countries prompts the local governments to change their policies - see "South Stream". For Germany, since the "golden age of Germany" under the Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl, Russia was the neighbor and partner. For the USA, Russia visibly is the rival, the enemy, the prey to be cemented in Wales.

Willy Wimmer

Original published on NachDenkSeite 18/08/2014
NATO-Gipfel in Wales am 4./5. September 2014. Wo ist die deutsche Position?  
(Translated into English by Christel Hahn)