Newropeans opposes the nomination of Donald Tusk as Euro Summit President

Marianne Ranke-Cormier - 29/08/2014

News reports have made evident to see Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk appointed not only the next President of the European Council but also the President of Euro Summit. This appointment, were it to take place, would be in total contradiction with the nature of the Euro zone political project.

We, Newropeans, the first transEuropean political party for Euroland citizens, express our total opposition to the nomination of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as Head of the Euro Summit.

Poland is not part of the Eurozone member states, its currency is not the Euro, Tusk has not been elected by citizens belongig to Euroland, therefore he is not the relevant leader to govern the political, economic and financial destiny of the Eurozone. It seems unthinkable that the President of the Euro Summit should be the actual head of a national government not belongig to Euroland.

Such an appointement would be a clear break in the independent and sovereign leadership of the Eurozone governance.

  • Furthermore Newropeans requires that the functions for the post of President of the European Council and for the Presidency of the Euro Summit were now separated

In 2012/2013 the appointment of Van Rompuy choosen as President of the Council and of the Euro Summit because he was belonging to the circle of Euro zone member states (and he was not head of government in place) was a parenthesis, a tampering, as part of the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty.

Today this parathesis is closed, both institutions are now well seated, even if lacking democratic legitimation. These two functions, even if they require a very close interoperability are no longer compatible with their exercise. They are opposed to the principles of independence of functions and decision making, sovereignty and democratic legitimacy.

Indeed Article 12 of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union specifies: "The Euro Summit meetings shall take place when necessary, and at least twice a year, to discuss questions relating to the specific responsibilities which the Contracting Parties whose currency is the euro share with regard to the single currency, other issues concerning the governance of the euro area and the rules that apply to it, and strategic orientations for the conduct of economic policies to increase convergence in the euro area"
and "The President of the Euro Summit shall ensure the preparation and continuity of Euro Summit meetings, in close cooperation with the President of the European Commission. The body charged with the preparation of and follow up to the Euro Summit meetings shall be the Euro Group and its President may be invited to attend such meetings for that purpose".

The president of the Euro Summit has a key role in determining the policies of the Euro Zone and its relations with the rest of the EU, the European Commission and the European Parliament. He embodies the spirit and values of the Eurozone project and only of this one. It is therefore difficult to understand how a national leader not member of the Euro zone could embody the scope of this function.

  • Finally, given the important role entrusted to the President of the European Council, Newropeans also opposes the appointment of Donald Tusk to this function.
Under the Treaty of Lisbon, the President of the European Council has a key role in determining the policies of the European Union on issues concerning its common foreign and security policy and its relations with the rest of the world. He has to embody the spirit and values of the European project.

The appointment of Donald Tusk, one of the pivots of the Americanist and Atlanticist policy in Europe, one of the strongest advocates of armed intervention on the borders of Europe against Russia, and also the head of one of the most euro-skeptic states in the EU (less than 25% turnout in the last election) would be a very bad message sent to Russia and the guarantee Europeans the escalating of euro-Russian tensions leaders of the Eurozone rightly claim to want to stop.

At a time when one of the priorities of the European institutions is to reconnect with its citizens, we believe it is essential that the President of the Eurozone Summit should be a person with whom a majority of Euro-citizens can identify, rather than one choosen among outsiders. Therefore, we declare our total opposition to this nomination.

Marianne Ranke-Cormier 
president of Newropeans

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