Mrs Viviane Reding, imposing a choice on Euroland, or the great message of the "amis" in Brussels to UK

Marianne Ranke-Cormier - 18/02/2014

Mrs Viviane Reding, imposing a choice on Euroland, or the great message of the "amis" in Brussels to UK
The member states of the Euro zone signalize more and more their sovereignty on the EU and European institutions, calling for greater political integration through the creation or the election of a special Euroland parliamentary chamber (cf Manifeste pour une union politique de l'euro). There are many proposals... they all address the need to govern the eurozone differently and above all democratically in order to prevent it from suffering from the same shortcomings as those that block the development of the EU today and endangering peace and the future of Europe: no bureaucratic centralism, decentralized instruments and structures to bring Euroland back to its citizens ..., maintaining the sovereignty of member states and citizens through the set up of an inter-governmental dialogue, political control on a dual scale - national and trans- European... (see Franck Biancheri: Euroland 2012-2016: Stabilization of a new global power on condition of democratization).
If part of the elites of the Euro zone today are becoming aware of this necessary approach they finally first initiate the debate among the European civil society (see the article by Christel Hahn Offener Brief an Jacob Augstein), it is not everyone's case and especially not the EU institutions'.
This is the clear message sent by Mrs Viviane Reding, EU commission vice-president (see article  Eurozone countries should form United States of Europe, says EC vice-president, The Guardian 18/02) predicting that the Euro zone would become a "federal state", the "United States of Europe" (she probably saw it in the crystal ball which also helped the Commission to predict the future of Ukraine and of transgenic maize) while it does absolutely not belong to the European Commission to decide on this issue and the citizens do not even have the tools to make the choice of Euroland they wish to have. Nothing better to undermine the democratic basis of the Euroland project and push/block citizens' support to the project. Indeed for what European citizens complain is the conservatism, the lack of imagination in the revival of political structures of EU institutions and politicians dictating in advance what Europe and today Euroland should look like, and the majority of them reject any idea of ​​a European "federation" at any level whatsoever. It is useless to try to predict the common future if the tools to build together are not given. With such statements Viviane Reding opens the field to sovereignist and extremist parties, simply advocating for the rejection of a European integration conducted by super-powers at the expense of the choices, needs and interests of European peoples. Rather than rhetoric, better think about concret solutions to avoid it. Elections are in 3 months time! 

The other dimension of this statement is the great message to the UK: Euroland will be, whatever reluctance, opposition of US-British world interests. From the European Commission, infiltrated by lobbyists and supporting the agenda of USUK interests  (negotiation of free trade treaty, Ukraine intervention alongside the USA, Cold War politics at the borders of Europe, support to American industries: GMOs, shale gas ...), it is a strong signal: better to help the consolidation of Euroland in the way to take out a maximum of profits. Better losing the battle but not give up the fight. ...

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