Franziska (Ska) Keller and José Bové : finally a "team" at the head of a European list for the next EParliament elections .

Newropeans Flash - 29/01/2014

The Greens activists elected on January 29th on a trans-European scale their heads of the list for the European elections in May 2014. We welcome them who have made ​​a first step in term of European democracy. They came to a sex-balanced, intergenerational (32 & 60), renovating (exit the old chiefs of the party) choice, based on a Franco-German team that meets the political configuration of Euroland impulse and especially one of the requirements for any trans-European democratic system: a European "team", to lead a European list, not a single candidate who embodies alone Europe. Therefore we welcome this political move and also technological innovation, even if it is not quite the first trans-European primary ever conducted, in this matter Franck Biancheri  was a pioneer with EUSV elections in 2001 and Newropeans in 2009.

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