Diplomatic immunity in crisis?

Marianne Ranke-Cormier - 02/02/2016

Remember Newropeans March 2004? Eliminating the legal immunity of European officials

1. Ensure that the principle of equality of all European citizens before the law is maintained by eliminating the legal immunity of European officials.
• In order to respect the fundamental principle of democracy in Europe
• To avoid creating a caste of « untouchables » who run the EU...
The life-long legal immunity of officials of the European institutions (cf. Protocol on the privileges and immunities of the European Communities of 8 April 1965, Art.12a) constitutes a flagrant example of inequality before the law for a category of European citizens. There is no reason for it given that the EU groups 27 democracies where the independence of the legal system is guaranteed. On the contrary, it should be abolished as it maintains a disconnect between the officials running the EU and other citizens.

Linking words and deeds, Newropeans will not accept any European officials among its active members as long as this immunity is not eliminated.

Read also: Time to change EU civil servants legal immunity  (euobserver 24/03/2004)